LCD colour temperature problems


2004-12-08 12:41 pm
Hi folks,

I've got a bit of an odd problem with my 15" DIY PJ I hope someone could shed some light on (no pun intended :smash: ).

After the PJ has warmed up (~15mins operation) I get a vertical stripe of 'wrong' colour appear covering about 20% of the screen, slightly off centre. I say 'wrong' because it's hard to explain, basically the colours are off in comparison to the rest of the image, especially noticable with warm colours - its as if the contrast/colour temperature is different. I'm still trying to replicate the problem consistantly, sometimes it goes away and all is fine, other times the problem effects the entire screen.

I assume the LCD cooling is adequate as I don't get any blackspots, and the colour distortion is completely uniform. I've overheated the LCD in the past very briefly and got the 'blackspots of doom' and its certainly nothing like that.

I'm wondering if its possibly the control board overheating? I've positioned it out of the way, on the projection lens side of the box, perhaps its still getting too warm.

Any ideas/suggestions appreciate ;)