Lc-audio Zappulse pwm-poweramp.

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I'm building an 8 channel (front highpas/lowpas, center front, center back, 2xsurrounds) poweramp using lcaudios zappulse, but I dont know how big my trannie must be. Im planning on using the virtual pole powersuply from LC-audio. I was thinking 1 x 1,5 kw/50 volt trannie, but will that be sufficient? Also would 2 x 1kw trannies go with one powersuply?

All pointers would be appreciatet.

snip from dk.teknik.lyd:

"Deaster" <> wrote in message
> "Antowo" <> skrev i en meddelelse
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> > Hej,
> > Jag köpte en LC Audio pulse samplifier, som jag håller på att
> > utvärdera.
> > Det vore intressant att höra någon annans värdering av den!
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> > Antowo

Jeg har da hørt den engang.. Som forstærker syntes jeg ikke den imponerede..
Men den var en udemærket modtager af AM radio på sine store spoler.. Den
hylede og pev. Så kunne man vippe spolerne lidt og så modtage forskellige


it shall be interesting to hear your evaluation.

feel free to translate the above.

k madsen -
Hey km,

not that it has any relation to this topic at all, did you see the boomblaster I built using your drivers and my amp in the news shortly before Roskilde, it was on TVDanmark2.

Besides being able to play 110 db, the battery lasted the whole week and sounded great, all things considered.
Hej Per

Så vidt jeg husker står der i dokumentationen et sted at 2 pulse-moduler kræver min. en 400 VA trafo for at fungere (læs: yde max effekt). Det vil så sige at 8 moduler skal bruge min. 1,6 kW. Skaler selv op efter behov....


Translation for non-danish people: :)

Hello Per

As far as I can remember, the docs for the Zappulse list a 400 VA tranny as minimum for maximum power with 2 modules. Your 8 modules therefore require a minimum of 1,6 kW to go full-out, but you can of course scale this up to as much as you like.
Tak Nisbeth

Det var da rart nogen kunne svare på det jeg spurgte om...Ja, jeg burde nok have læst specs'ene lidt bedre...

Thanks Nisbeth

Nice, that somebody answerede what I was asking for. Maybe I should have read the specs a little better...
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