Laying ground and coppertraces in Eagle


2004-02-10 12:00 pm
Hi, I thought that i should finally learn to use Eagle from Cadsoft and started at it some days ago and there's some things that is causing trouble.

First, I can't seem to find out how to place groundpoints in the schematicpart of Eagle. Probably simple but i can't find it :confused:

Second. How do i change from the basic coppertraces to the outlined type som that i can use the eccess copperarea as a groundplane?

Using Russ Whites PSU as example, since it's posted at this forum i hope that it's ok.

In the SCH, all connections to the GND (or any of the symbols within the power supply packages) are automatically linked together.

You create ground plane by going to the brd.

Once you get there, create a rectangle, and name the rectangle GND, then you fill the rectangle.

I may not be describing it well. A better description of how to do it is posted at the eagle forum. Do a search there using 'ground plane' as search phrase.