Latest project almost done & Hello from Hamburg, northern Germany!

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Hi y'all!

As I´m a DiyAudio Member since May 2004, I think it´s high time to introduce myself. So, about me, so far: 46 years, quite offbeat, no children. I'm vegetarian, I love being outdoors (especially in my garden plot), do a lot of reading, got no tv (listen to the radio instead) and put on some music every day. I was employed as an IT manager until last week (company went bust) and now I'm going to be a freelancer. My roots are in the 80's punk and indie scene, I had a restless, unsteady, vibrant, but also hard and troublesome time before I got some settled. When I was in my thirties, I thought I'd never get this old ...

But now I return to the charge: As I cannot afford HiFi stuff that satisfies my requirements, I have to build it myself and the following is what I (almost) finished just yesterday night:


From the left: Large heatsink with 2 SymAsym 5.3 "AAK model" and 2 LM3386 GainClones from Next above a transformer wired to a bipolar PSU from, feeding a pair of Thel SAW30 3-way active crossovers. Then a piece of an old computer case in which I crammed not less than 7 transformers and the PSU for the Gainclones. Wiring was a big fun ...
To the right of that I mounted the PSUs for a pair of plain vanilla MOSFET amps (Sanken 2SK1302/2SC3281). As this setup is the intial test, there is yet no case.

Some details:






Absolutely no hum or hiss, totally noiseless! :D:D:D

Driven by all that are 2 of these:



On top it´s Jim Griffin's MiniMonitor, an E.J.Jordan JX92s with an Aurum Cantus G2Si in 8 litres. Below a 'RiPol' woofer.

If you sat on my sofa, you'd see this:


Without I'd have nearly no clue and I'd definitely not been able to tinker the stuff shown and all the stuff I made before. Thanks to the folks who helped me, thanks to the nice guys who keep this going! Special greetings to Russ White and Brian Donegan! :wave2: These guys got me hooked on this ...

If you're around, post me a PM and I'll invite you and your favorite CD.


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It is a wery impressive setup you have. I like the fact that you have done it all as DIY- that takes some comitment and tons of research. Well done :)

And by the way, off beat is better than main stream. It is what we learn from our mistakes in life, that gives us experience and focus- not the other way around.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.