LAT500/700 cabinet plans? ideas?

Zero Cool

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2004-09-20 6:10 am
I recently scored both a LAT500 and LAT700 subwoofers these are the tymphani line array transducer subwoofers and I need to decide which to keep. supposedly the 500 is equal to two 10" subs and the 700 equal to two 12" subs. I need to come up with some cabinet plans for each of these and do some in room testing.

I see madisound is selling the LAT700 and has some basic cab info. but i am curious if anyone else here has played with these??

From the preliminairy data sheet on the tymphany site, Sd based, the LAT500 appears to be like a 12", the LAT700 like a 15".

The LAT700 has a bit higher Qts as the LAT500), but the voice coil winding depth and gap height for the LAT700 seem a step up in comparison with the LAT500. Both seem suited for a closed box, with such a high Qts and lowish Fs, I think that an reflex port might not even be neccesary to get decent low end performance. I think WinISD Pro could aid in your quest.

Best regards Johan