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Last two pairs of GedLee Summas

Yes I know this is a DIY board, but hardcore DIYers have proven to be the group with the greatest appreciation of the work of Dr. Earl Geddes.

Earl has two pairs of Summas left for sale: A carbon-fiber sealed box pair in Royal Blue, and a fiberglass ported pair in Red. Asking price is $4500 for the carbon fiber pair, and $3900 for the fiberglass pair. The sealed box pair goes down to 80 Hz, and the ported pair goes down to about 40 Hz but with reduced power handling (not an issue outside of prosound applications). These prices do not include packing and shipping.

Here's a link to an educational paper Earl wrote about the Summa:

http://www.gedlee.com/downloads/Cum laude.pdf

And, here's the products page for Audio Intelligence, or Ai, whose ESP-15 is a sealed Summa equivalent:


Incidentally, the red speaker in the background on the page linked to above is the same color as the ported red fiberglass pair.

Either of these can be painted a different color, for a price of course - that would be between you and Earl.

Get either pair and DIY some killer subwoofers and have one of the finest systems anywhere.

I was Earl's only dealer when he was making and selling the Summa here in the US, and I assembled a few so I can answer most questions about them. .

Thanks for taking a look.

Duke LeJeune
audiokinesis at yahoo dot com