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Last shipment of Toshiba 2SJ74-BL

Hi guys,

I have managed to secure the last shipment of Toshiba's 2SJ74-BL.

This transistor has been discontinued.

Please see the list below for the details.

Toshiba Transistors

2SJ74-BL – 0.50 euro (limited stocks)
2SJ74-V - 0.35 euro (limited stocks)
2SK170-BL – 0.25 euro
2SK246-GR – 0.25 euro (limited stocks)
2SK246-Y – 0.20 euro (limited stocks)
2SC2240-BL – 0.15 euro
2SA970-BL - 0.15 euro

IRF Transistors

IRF610 – 0.30 euro
IRF9610 – 0.35 euro

DAC Chips

PCM64P - 7 euro
PCM58P - 4 euro
PCM61P – 2.5 euro

Receiver Chips

CS8412-CP - socketed before and functioning - 20 Euro each (4 pieces)


Sanyo Oscons SP 680uf 6.3V – 1 euro each

Shipping options:

Shipping is done from Singapore.

By registered air parcel

This option takes more of my time as I will need to fill up forms at the post office (not mentioning the long queues). However, it offers more security to the mailed package and tracking is available for certain countries like the US and UK.

This option also cost more than the usual air mail. For example, 200 pieces of 2SK170-BL shipped to the USA should cost about 4 euro.

I will accept Paypal and the buyer has to pay for the Paypal fees.

Drop me an email if you are interested and I will reply when I am able to. Please bear with me if I am not able to reply asap. Many thanks.