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Ok this is the last i am going to bring up this project of mine till its done and i have pictures of the things working, not the boxes in various states of finish.

The system will consist of 6 enclosures total.
2 x 2 D10.8 enclosures for a total of 4 10's in stereo
2 x 1 Vifa wood fibre 7 " for Mid bass
2 x 1 Morel MW166 mated to RT8II ribbons with a single passive to seperate them

So, here is the gist of the question. I like my old rock. I like alot of the new. I appreciate classical when it sounds 'full' and i occaisionally like to rock the socks off the old lady down the hall.

Should i be running the 10's above 100 and rolling the 7" to 300 and the rest of it taking it up to 20k ?

I'd have to agree

I'd have to agree with Bill on this one... Looking at the response curves on your 10", the appear very flat to 550Hz or so... Running them to 300-400 should work fine...

Given your're running FOUR of these beasts, why mess with the 7" and the associated crossover complexities?

hmmmm i never thought of that. I can sell these vifas to the guy who bought the other two no problem. It would mean trashing an enclosure and building another. The first suggestion seems to make more sense. Run the 10's up. I also never thought of that. I am used to 15 - 18 to 10 - 8 and then horns for pro stuff setups. If you think big think bigger.

Thank you BIll and Leonard. Bill, i am buying a camera :D i wont use my web cam to take bad pictures any more. I cant sleep with you mad at me :clown:
Digital Camera

I hadn't thought of the fact that coming from the pro-audio set you came up with those size 'steps' - but that absolutely makes sense from what I've seen of pro audio equipment. Certainly not necessary here...

Just remember to resize the images from your new digital camera before you post or you'll endure the rath of the modem set (including Bill)...

I just use Photoshop to "savefortheweb" the web cam i have is 1.5 MP so its not bad just limited in what i can snap. I dont normally have a use for a camera. Anyone takes my photo i usually take em down and wrestle it off of them. I almost lost one though. 85 year old woman with Tai Chi training. Choked me out before i could get the camera. Thankfully my 9 year old neice in Tae Kwon Do dropped her and escaped so we could destroy the negatives.
A couple shots of the 'top' end no drivers in and not fixed for teminals yet as i am debating active power. Not sure what looks good on Birch either. Tobacco stain or just a slight Cherry. These will have the Morel and the Hi-Vi.


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This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.