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Last Pair of Pete Millett Universal Driver PCB's


2004-09-08 7:17 am
Hi Folks,

I have my last pair of "Universal Driver" boards made straight from Mr. Millett's gerber artwork.


$50 for the pair + shipping.

PayPal or hyperWALLET only.

The boards are 2mm double-sided FR4 with plated through holes and measure 8" by 5.5" with mounting centres at 7.5" and 5".

Shipping to Canada:
Contact with your postal code for a quote, as it varies very widely. Local pickup is OK.

Shipping to the USA:
Will be via airmail: $9.05

Shipping Worldwide:
Will be via airmail (Xpresspost w/signature for certain countries due to high mail loss/mail theft). Please contact with your country for a quote.

Shipping will be Canada Post exact + $0.50 to cover the envelope/packing wrap.

Interested parties can get ahold of me at: geek <at> scorpiorising <dot> ca

They've been here for a while and need a good home ;)



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