Laserdisc AC3 demodulator circuite wanted!

Hi guys,

I've modified my laserdisc player, and added an AC3 output. Though my amplifier has a demodulator built in, I just cant get rid of my lust to build one myself. The problem is that I cannot find any description on the modulation, nor any DIY circuitry on the web to build one.

Does anyone have any clue on how to build a demodulator circuit, so I can connect my AC3 output directly to the digital input on just any home theater reciever?

The one thing I can think of is to order a service manual from, let's say, Yamaha and order whatever is described on that manual and then of course you have to built your own board. The last time I looked on a Yamaha AC-3 demodulator, there is only a few components in there and the biggest component is a surface mount demodulator chip.
Dead Thread: ARISE!

Hi Swede,

That link is dead. Probably since it is nearly 4 yrs old! :) What model is your Laserdisc Player? I have an RCA LDR-600, top o' the line for its day. Had everything except the AC-3 Output. Any idea if anyone has done this player? All articles thus far are for various Pioneer players.