laser pickup for YAMAHA CDX 810

Hi netlist , the only price I found was a retailer here in marseille , and the price was 150 Euros (hors taxes) , what is more or less 200 USD , I think .
In fact I did a mistake on the currency .
Anyway , i got a TAOHS-JP1 from an old Yamaha i bought on a fleamarket , but it seems the blocks have not the same wiring neither the same construction , it seems I could'nt replace one with the other.
bawang said:
This thread attracted me because I own a Yamaha CDX-520 (if my memory is still ok). It's laser died 5 years ago, but I'm still keeping the whole unit. Can't seem to find anybody that can fix it here in Sabah, Malaysia........ Still love that little player.....:(

Hi bawang ,from the list I've found another post,most of the CDX of the recent release are equipped with KSS 210 wich is easy to find on the net and cheap ,while the older release (my 810 is 1986-7)comes with this TAOHS LU .The best for you is to open the CDP , check the sticker on the laser unit , if is KSS... you'll have for some dollars on the net and then replace yourself , there is even on the net some sites wich show you the way to follow , step by step , with even pictures .

netlist , could you have a talk with me about you've found on TAOHS . THIS , at least , would remain helpful in my case .