Laser cutting wood for sub box

Hey! I have acess to a 60watt laser cutter and want to laser cut the wood for a sub box. But apparently 60 watts is only enough to cut slightly less than half an inch. I'm planning to use a test block to see how deep it can cut, or if I can run it a couple times over. Does anyone know what a good wood to try would be that would be strong as a box but easily laser cut? Also I can't use mdf as its an indoor space and apparently creates too much smoke :/


2002-08-15 6:21 pm
I've built lots of stuff from laser cut ply / mdf, all glued perfectly. You just need to sand the cut edge to remove the soot residue.

We had to use a certain type of ply as the wrong type will have the glue between the layers burn back leaving voids. Ask the wood yard and they should know.

I'm pretty sure we used interior grade birch ply. Normal stuff from diy stores didn't fare well.