Larsholt 7255 tuner datasheet/wiring diagram

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Larsholt Tuner 7255 datasheet wireing diagram

Hello everybody !
I`ve got a tuner 7255 but no informations about himself. I`m looking for wireing diagram, technical datas or other stuff to get him running.
Also it`s interesting for me to get informations about newer tuner
from larsholt especially dual-mosfet.

sounds good. My modul is the same as descripted from John. Also I tryed to get a LH1037, but larsholt gave no feedback after couple mails. So I would be glad to get a offer for this - or moduls they are produced during the last 8 year, if possible with documentation about himself. So, please send me a email with the informations from 7255. So long Holger
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Larsholt tuner module

Anybody know how to convert a Larsholt tuner module to the American FM band (88 to 108 Mhz)? It seems to tune from Ch 5 (US) sound to about 100 Mhz. The only identification I have is a sticker that says AREF 7604 and Made in Denmark. It has 4 IF cans. I tried playing around with the tuning voltage but that didn't help. Do I need to change the varactor diode? Thanks.
I've been bequeathed a lot of audio gear and in amongst it is a Larsholt 7255 FM Tuner. It doesn't work so am looking for any information/ assembly instructions for this so i can have a crack at getting it going. I notice from earlier posts that peranders has some info, but as that was a few years ago now I am hoping that he is still around to help out.
The module is on a PCB which I assume was part of the original kitset and there is evidence of some 'tweaking ' of coils & trimpots iside the can as all the seals are broken. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Mike
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