Larger transformer for Bride Of Zen?

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I have a 160va, 2.6 amp, 30-0-30 transformer that I would like to use as a replacement for the Avel Lindberg trannie specified in the BOZ plans (50va, 500ma, 30-0-30) and I am wondering if a direct replacement is possible or will I have to upgrade the power supply diodes or any other power supply components?

Thanks for any information.

Tony D.
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Use it!! I've said this before. Use a larger than specified VA trans for the BOZ, but w/ the correct voltage. I used a 500+va trans of 30+30 for my BOZ origianlly, but then went w/ a 500mA 30+30. The sound with the larger trans was effortless. Don't quote me but John Curl did this with one of his pre-amp designs, first using seperate trans for each channel, then tried consecutively larger trans in the design. He said that the sound got better and better. I read that in Stereophile magazine years ago. I may still have the artical...where did I put that...

Anyway, it won't hurt it if there isn't too much in-rush of current due to the larger trans output capability. Give it a shot.
Count me in with the big power supply folks. Them what sez little power supplies sound fine because the numbers say they are adequate clearly never bother to listen to their efforts on a decent system (I frequently get the impression that they don't *listen* to them at all, but that's another matter...).
If you use a large bank of caps, I'd consider increasing the current rating of the rectifier. It's only a buck or two, so why not?
In short...go for it.

Hey Guys, thanks for the info and encouragement, last night I installed my new, larger trannie and upgraded the diodes to 600v ultrafast/soft recovery types in my Bride of Zen and the difference is amazing to these ears.

Absolutely no strain and quieter which I assume is the diodes, also interestingly the soundstage is larger and more defined with a greater sense of "air". One of my audio buddies attributed this to the "blacker background" the new power supply provides but all I know is that my BOZ is giving me a new level of musical satisfaction.

Thanks again.

Tony D.
A new BOZ project is on its way :)

I'd like to have your comment about Plitron Transformer
Are they a good value ? I found that they're incredibly cheap if compared to Hammond Manufacturing counterpart.

I found the following :

model #037017201

Dual primaries 115Volts
Dual secondaries 30V

around 50$can vs 70$ for Hammond... Where's the catch ?

I guess it would be perfect for BOZ isn't it ?

Thanks guys !

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