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Large inventory clean out started

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Basically the same post as my old thread. I couldn't change the title from starting soon to started so here is a new thread. Will be adding to this list every couple of days. I finally have the time to focus on this. The stuff below has been marked down once already. Later this week I will be adding the electronic components and non-driver DIY audio stuff I need to get rid of.

Also, Don't forget...use my iCloud email jmillerdoc(at)icloud(dot)com my old email and my box will not get through to me.

Updated list with some price drops....

TB dome mids, one pair LNIB the other with some cosmetic issues and one with dimpled cone. LNIB $165, issues $90 PRICE DROP now $135 and $75
Second drop $125 and $60

TB W5-704d quad (one with dimpled dust cover that should pull out) $90 o/w LNIB
This is for a QUAD...DROP now $80 second drop $70

Dayton SD270-88 sheilded 10" woofers LNIB $25 each DROP now $20 each or $55 for all three

MA Audio HT in wall speaker pair NIB model MAO-AL1220 $30 pair DROP now $20 now make an offer

Alpair10 gen1 gold cone LNIB $120 DROP now $100 SOLD!

HiVi M8n new but one with small dimple in cone champagne color $60 DROP now $50

Fostex FE126e matched pair NIB from Planet 10 with documentation $80 DROP now $70 second drop $60 SOLD!

Visaton lightly used B200 full range (I liked these) $150 (if interested in building the No-box OBs with these email me for a package deal including the woofers) DROP now $135 second drop $125

CSS EL70 quad available like new $75 a pair $140 quad DROP now $120 for the quad SOLD!

HiVi M6a NIB $70 DROP now $60 second drop $50

Vifa p17wj00 used but clean quad $140 DROP now $125 second drop $110

Dynaudio D28/2 tweeter pair LNIB $180 DROP now $160 second price drop $150 SOLD!

CHR70 pair gold NIB $65 (have single new gray cone will add to sale for $20) DROP now $60 second price drop $55

Neo8 planar transducers x6 used (some very slight scuffs) $40 each DROP now $35 each SOLD!

Vifa P25wo-8 10" woofers new but no box, unused $90 pair DROP now $75 (these are nice!) second price drop $60 SOLD!

Fountek Neo3.5H pair.....decided to keep these

Antique FE103 with good compliant suspension, nice pair $75 DROP now $60

The TB1772 and Dayton PS 8" are sold.

please, please email me at jmillerdoc(at)icloud(dot)com

If you don't use this email then please don't gripe if I don't contact you back.

I wish someone would make me an offer on the whole lot above.....

One added item...I have a Quatre GC500 amp for sale. One channel does not work. It will make an awesome sub amp or repaired it will be nice. I have a 250 as well that I love, this 500 fixed would be very cool. The chassis is great for other projects as well. I think it is a good deal at $75 plus shipping.

For everyone who asked for Black Gate caps...I checked the values y'all all asked for and did not have them. Most of mine are STD 16v to 100v.

I do have a pair of new BG 500v 100uf x 100uf I think I will part with. They were originally purchased from PCx. If you would be interested in these shoot me an email. I am not going to give them away but I may come down off of current retail some for a package deal if you buy some other stuff too...

I also have an AV123 1000w plate amp with parametric EQ new in box. This is a rebranded Dayton plate amp. Same exact 1000w plate amp Dayton sells with AV123's logo. I got it pretty cheap I thought at $250 and I would like to get out of it what I paid. It is new in the box, box is a little dusty but otherwise perfect.
New list of stuff coming soon.....

Don't forget...use my iCloud email jmillerdoc(at)icloud(dot)com
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Ok, looks like the following are sold pending payment....
fostex 126's
Vifa p25's

If I didn't not email you already, someone else spoke for them first.
I see Jimmy154 wanted the Vifa p25's, I don't know if you are the same person that emailed me....your screen name may be different than your email.

Several people have requested items not listed and I just happened to have them. So, keep asking if it is not listed yet....
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.