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Large can Capacitors for sale.

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I have 11 large can capacitors w/ screw terminals of assorted capacitence for sale. They all should work. They look like Oil filled alum. AC capacitors but I'm not totally sure. I tried checking with the manufacturer's website but these caps weren't listed, and thus obsolete. I'm asking $100 US obo for all of them and will ship free within the continental US. I also trade for a working .5+ farad 16-20v capacitor for use in car audio.
Here's what I have: (Typed exactly as on the can)
Sola, 40,000 MFD, 30 VDC, 40 VDC Surge, Part no. 13419, 102-6224
2x Sola, 500 MFD, 300 VDC, 350 VDC surge, 13970-5, 1886226
2x Sola, 500 MFD, 200 VDC, 250 VDC Surge, 14403-18, DCM 658226
2x Sangamd, Type DCM, 539-2696-02, 6,300 MFD, 25 WVDC, 658332
Sangamd, 11,500 MFD, 18 VDC, 25 VDC Surge, 3040572, DCMX 658221
Sangamd, Type DCM, 539-2743-01, 1,000 MFD, 150 WVDC, 658236
Sprague, 36D1113T, 8600-50DC, D34196, 6804 J
Aerovox, HCB, MFD 2000, VDC 50, 440230 6940

Some of them have brackets and some also have a few wires and resistors on them. I cannot guarantee that all of these work and sold as is.
I got a couple more parts today.
2x 26000 uf 30v 40v surge
2x 19000 uf 40v 50v surge
15000 uf 15v 18v surge
50 uf 250v

I also have some heat sinks.

2x small TO-220
Medium Dual TO-220
Twisted Fin Dual TO-220
Large Quad TO-220
3x Large Power Tower TO-220
Medium Power Tower TO-220
14.5"x2.5"x1.5" (L x H x fin length) Six TO-3
The power towers look like this


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