Lanzar Optidrive 6200

I have a opritunity to pick up a lanzar optidrive 6200 competition series 6 channel information that i have found is it was made 1996 and i was told it was a old school amp. is this amp a good soild amp even with todays tech advancments ?. I am currently using aduiobahn 4004 which claims that to put out 800 ach power 50 watts x rms @ 4 ohms RMS i know very little about these things other than i am not to happy with what what is currenty installed at this time.

I am sure that i could provide more info about
my complete system if someone can help me with
it would be great so far audio stores just want to sell
me something new.
Thankyou for your time


2006-12-01 4:41 am
I have no doubt the lanzar would be a much nicer amp than that audiobahn.Old school lanzars were nice gear.The new stuff is iffy. Just my opinion.What are you using the 4 channel audiobahn for?is it bridged on a pair of subs or is it running your interior speakers or what?