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Lampucera-Inspired CS4397 Complete DACs!

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It can vary depending upon which one you choose. Generally, I highly recommend a set of UTC A-20s for the job, as they have a beautiful sound that matches the high caliber of this DAC.

Here is the latest rave review! This guy ordered his without output transformers!!

"Hi Ted,

Wanted to wait a bit to make sure I gave the Lampucera a chance to settle in, and to give my ears a chance to really give it a fair listen before writing to you with my impressions.

First off, it sounds like it has a full additional octave of treble extension compared to my old (NOS) DAC. The treble doesn't seem quite as sweet or delicate as my old unit (a Promitheus DAC), but it is VERY close, and it is certainly not edgy or spitty or gritty. It just seems to be able to recover more treble information than I am used to. And on that note, I must say that the L seems to be uncovering more info in the mids as well. I was listening to the JVC remastering of the wonderful Oscar Peterson Trio's "We Get Requests" CD the other day, and noticed that the noise I always thought was present on some cuts is actually one of the guys whispering quietly (doing a 'scat' sort of thing along with the tune). Who knew!? The mids are very nicely fleshed out, and both male and female vocals sound perfectly balanced (no thinness, no excess chest, no nasal honk, etc). The bass is very chameleon like. I listened to one CD and thought the DAC didn't quite have the midbass heft that my old DAC had, and on the next disc I have the opposite impression. The deep bass seem quite powerful yet tuneful (no bloat or tubbiness).

Another area where the L seems to excel is in sound staging. When there are ambient cues on the disc, they are readily audible. When a CD is simply a studio recording, everything is where it has been panned, but the hall ambiance is gone. There are layers and layers of depth on well recorded CDs, and the overall presentation seems to be mid hall. I prefer that to front and center, or rear balcony.

Can you tell I'm really happy with the little bugger? Well, I AM! Not only do you do wonderful work, but you've obviously got great ears as well (to be able to tune the DAC to my liking).

So, thanks again for all your excellent advice, your extensive knowledge, and most of all, your capacity to render forth a genuinely musical product from such humble beginnings. I love my little cigar box!

Happy listening"
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.