Lamp holders - can this type still be obtained?

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I wound up being given a second Toshiba SC335 recently. I purchased the pre-amp but the seller said I may as well have the amplifier too. Not long ago, I posted on this forum questions about my first SC335 and with advice from contributors here, it is working well. That first SC335 had meter lamps integrated into the meters themselves but not so with the second. It has a board with holes for lamp holders but those holders are missing.

An externally hosted image should be here but it was not working when we last tested it.

I checked the voltage which is 8V and I assume the lamp bulbs are a wedge type.

Does anyone know if this style holder is still available, what they may be called and which vendor might have them or is it proprietary part exclusive to this unit?

I have two 8 volt fuse style meter lamps scavenged from a Pioneer 8 track that I can try to adapt if I cannot locate these parts.

It seem that in general, pickings are slim these days when it comes to 8 volt lamp bulbs.


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Yes, car lamp holders are the same. Google wedge lamp holder 10 mm and you'll find tons.

These lamps are ultra common and can be found in any store having car bulbs, but you will only find 12 V types. These will work but will be dim. 8 V types are very rare.

This guy has them, he sells vintage amplifier bulbs, and these were used in most Pioneer models in the 70s, so he has plenty.

Products DGWOJO.COM - Lamps For Vintage Audio Gear
Thanks and car dashboard lamp holders was what I first thought of too.

I did visit one location of a large auto supply chain and was told those were obsolete and no longer available. That prompted me to visit an auto wrecking yard and I did manage to scavenge a few different ones but none were an exact fit - just a little small diameter wise. The holes in the board are 5/8" which is 15 ~ 16 millimeter.

I'll look for auto supply shops that deal in restoration, there might be better luck there. If not, I'll have a go at hanging the 8 volt fuse lamps I've got below the board.
I found the correct lamp holders at the first specialty auto parts store I went to for $1.00 each. Thanks Welcome for confirming I was on the right track.

Following the link Products DGWOJO.COM - Lamps For Vintage Audio Gear. I could not see a price but they are supposed to be 250ma.

Checking e-bay I saw a lot of ten 8 volt wedge lamps (buy 8 and get 2 free) for about $15 including shipping. They were described as being 300ma so I ordered some.

Buy 8 Get 2 Free Wedge Base Lamps 8V 300mA Bulb Stereo Vintage Dial Meter 1980 | eBay
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