Labels / Decals for kit front panel

I just built a speed controller for my turntable (aka Mark Kelly) and need some labels for the front panel. You know, the basics like numbers ("33", "45" "On", "Off", "Power"). Antique Electronic Supply used to sell them but they are out of stock with no idea when they will resuply.

My case is black, so I need white letters or decals to stick on. Anyone have a source or an idea? I guess I could print some black on white letters on a basic adhesive back label and cut it out, but I was hoping for something that looks a little more professional.

Hi Bob,

I have more time today so here is the one I remember:

Here's another:




Here is a thread about a Service:

Thread about software for Front Panels:

That should be enough and a complete education!

I like the engraving idea and there are many here on LI!

The "Search" function isn't anywhere in the league of Google here. You have to manipulate it more so to get what you are looking for!

Good luck and we expect you to post a picture of your decision and results!

Thanks for the links. I've tried 3 local art supply and/or craft stores. They do have vinyl lettering but only down to 1/4". The dry lettering is larger still and nothing in white.

I've looked at 4-5 on-line sources but they are all out. One manufacturer close to home says they have discontinued producting their dry lettering sheets. Antique Electronic supply can't get them anymore either. Nothing on e-bay either. Not a good sign for others I'm afraid.

So I picked up a 1/8" stencil and a very fine white paint marker and will go that route. Hopefully it will pan out and I won't get any bleed. Then a coat of poly after it dries.