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I am relatively new to the DIY high power audio scene. I specialize in a different branch of electronics and thought I would work on an audio DIY amp for experimentation. I picked up G. Randy Slone's High-Power Audio amplifier contruction manual.

Art work 11.8 with the L-MOSFET configuration is what I am interested in. To photo etch the board is going to be a problem since he over layed the parts outline and numbers on the top view of the PCB artwork. The photo etch is going to reproduce the component outline and short out traces.Does anyone have a clean version without all the overlay clutter?

PCB ....LMOSFET amplifier

Hi, PCB layout in 2009 may help you someway ......:)


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Dude, art work shouldn't be a problem. Appendix Figure C.11 is the artwork for the amp in Figure 11.8. Figure C.9 & C.10 include the components on the artwork for reference when you're filling the board.

Now, the current mirror on the differential input stage, I understand, might be a problem. Never tried it. Good Luck.


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2003-07-25 10:44 pm
You can solve the problem by slightly imbalancing the current sources. If you don’t want to do this, you need ‘common mode current control loop’.

See here for some discussion on this

PGP Amplifier

If you are after an easier build that performs well and has been built dozens of times here on the forum see here

diyAB Amp The "Honey Badger" build thread

Lots of folks here can lend you a hand with this amp.

Good luck with your amplifier journey!
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