Kyocera DA-610cx Won't Spin


2016-02-11 6:56 pm
I picked up a Kyocera DA-610cx that had issues with the tray opening. I replaced the belt and the tray works fine now... I even got several CDs to play soon after the fix... the only change I made after that was turning the unit off and unplugging it. The next day, I plugged it back in and it did not recognize any CDs. The tray opens and closes fine, but the spindle does not spin with a CD in place. I do not hear anything that sounds like the spindle motor is even trying to spin... it does not start spinning with an assist. It's like the motor isn't even getting a signal to start running. I'm wondering if there is some switch in the transport assembly that I unintentionally messed up. Or something else that I missed?


Paid Member
2007-09-15 8:14 am
The disc wont spin until after the laser has found focus on the reflective layer of the CD. You need to confirm that the lens moves up and down a few times when you close the drawer (with no CD in). The lens should visibly bob up and down.