Kunthrandum - OpAmp biased MOSFET amp

The simulated currents at both mosfet sources are shown in the figure. Using 1Vp-p, 10kHz at input, I found no problems. Please give me more details about the cross-conduction problem. I'm using LTspice here. What was the voltage across bias capacitor..?

Sometimes I get starting problems which could be eliminated by starting the 'quiescent current adj.' voltage from zero.


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Version 1.2


SORRY... I saw high cross conduction when I simulated the circuit with High gate capacitance mosfets, feed with a High-High signal ([email protected]). The circuit will smoke.

I've modified the circuit and posted it on my website. Now it is OK in such conditions. Using current mirrors instead R15 & R16 in the previous circuit works also.

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