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KrellClone KSA100-MKII Heatsink+Fan EUROPE GB


2008-02-24 9:44 pm
European GB for Heatsink with fan for the KrellClone KSA-100-MKII



I got a price quote from FischerElektronik about €100/each
Will get final quotes next week I hope.

LA 1 02 230 + axial fan, Total of 8x TO-3
H 71.5mm (heatsink)

* Optional
LA 1 03 230 + axial fan, Total of 12x TO-3
H 108mm (Heatsink)

(This model could be better, larger heatsink...)


2008-02-24 9:44 pm
Price Quote from Fischer Elektronik

This model is 108mm long Heatsink + fan.
Special model for better cooling.

LA 1A 03 8 X TO 3 230V - With 8 x TO 3
H 108mm (Heatsink)

1 € 116,50 ea.
10 € 97,20 ea.
25 € 86,35 ea.
50 € 77,70 ea.

+ drawing costs / once € 40,00

Leadtime: about 6 – 7 weeks after receipt of order
Larger Model

I would be interested, but I am looking for a set similar to the one in the first picture with 10 T-03's per side(20 total). I want to use it for a stereo KSA100 MKII.
Let me know what you find out on price for that model, and I might be interested. I guess two of the 12 device versions would work as well, but that is getting to be too expensive. Is there another manufacturer that makes these? Maybe they would have better pricing. I know Fischer is not known for their pricing.



2008-02-24 9:44 pm
For the moment there are 8x TO-3 per channel/heatsink like the original KSA 100.

But since we are using 100mm heatsink we surly can pre-drill 4 more holes. total of 12 TO-3's on each heatsink.

Guess it would be more or less the same price.

Also for those who want to make their own tunnels, heatsink is available in lenght of 1 meter for about €60 / pcs


2005-09-17 4:01 pm

Are you guys going with the 8 transistor sink? as the krell original?.....

I was just looking through the farnell catalogue and noticed the imi sink, although looks like they have swapped to fischer in the latest catalogue, i would love to get into this group buy but i missed the pcb's


2006-06-23 10:45 am
Hi Fix

could you please see on farnell.com H S MARSTON FC-M2 module kit (148450 order code) and FC-C2 construktion kit (148453 order code)
I think both modules assembled are like the fischer module for 8 to-3 but the price Is 39 pounds + 35 pounds which Is lower than the fischer price