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KrellClone KSA100-MKII 1000VA toroidal transformer EUROPE GB

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Transformator for the KrellClone KSA-100MKII project.

This will be similar specs as the USA GB, but the transformator will be manufactured by Avel Lindberg.

All depending on price, else we can join stolbovoy's GB and share for the shipping to Europe.

I hope Floedstroem can post the details about the trafo in this thread.

I only have an old price quotation from Avel Lindberg since 2006/2007 which is as follows:

1-4 units, £ 160 nett. (approx. $ 320)
5-29 units, £ 145 nett. (approx. $ 290)

Physical formates of the Krell originals are this: Diam. 172 x H 127 (6.75" x 5")

But, I have also received a price quotation from the Noratel/Toroid (in Norway) and this quotation was for 6 units (6-10 I guess) @ a price of approx. £ 200 each unit.
(approx. same specs. as for the stolbovoy´s transformer)

If there are interests for this transformer in the US, they could probably ship those units included in their general transformer shipments to Avel´s sister Company in the US.

There is interests for the Krell originals and Im up for 6 units.
And there is some interests in Denmark too (2 units minimum)
If Mark still are interested he is up for 2 units
makes a total of 10 units so far.

However, the price quotation from Avel are old so I have wrote to them again for to ask for a new updated price quotation, (if they still are interested to manufacture this unit). We will see whats happens next week. In the mean time, this is how the originals looks like:


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Ok, new 2008-prices for the original Krell KSA 100 mk-II transformer as follows (manufacturing by Avel Lindberg, the former Krell supplier):

1-4 units: £ 200 ($ 400)
5-29 units: £ 155 ($ 310)

Regarding shipping to the US, Avel Lindberg says this:

With regards to shipment costs, if you require some units manufactured I will contact our US office to obtain whether we can use their carrier system when we ship to them.
However, please be aware, we only ship to the USA four times a year and so, unlkess your order is received at a convenient time, it may not coincide with a shipment.

Flodstroem is in with 4 units.

Regards :cool:
This is the power supply for the KSA 100 mk-II.

transformer secondary data shown are from worse case mains voltage (e.g. transformer wired for 100VAC and plugged to 110VAC mains)

This is the transformer data that can be officially shown, including the VA-ratings of approx. 900VA.
All other data remains the secret of the Krell company :xeye:

Regards :cool:


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Re: just one last question?

krmaudio said:
will the avel lindberg be as the krell original physically same size case style and the four mounting tabs? looks like a good way to keep down any mechanical noise.....
not necessarily.
A stiff mechanical coupling may transfer more noise into the chassis and sound louder than a decoupled transformer.
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