Krell Master Reference Subwoofer

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Finally had a chance to hear this unit over the weekend.
Very impressed. Price is rediculous of course. ($30Kusd)

I have access to a machine shop, so i could build a diy version
also out of 1 inch aluminum. Which brings me to the drivers.
What would be the best pair of 15 drivers to put in this
sealed box of about 20 x 20 x 30 inch size.

Given the stated frequency response that is about -3db at
10hz, why don't other companies build similar products.

What do you think about using a silicon pressure sensor as
a feedback element making a servo out of the whole thing.
Hello Kevin,

Take a look at this thread for some info about the KMR sub and a naked picture of it:

You're not going to achieve -3dB at 10Hz anechoic without equalization, no matter what driver you spec, IMO. I'll bet that's Krell's secret, if they do achieve that spec.

For the money, the Blueprint line seems to dish up the goods. If you don't need drivers right away, you could hold out for the Adire "Uber 15" Dan W. is developing:

Happy thumping,

Equalization not a problem. Will build whatever i need.
I have a 1 inch B&K capsule mic to measure well into the
10hz region. Power amps not a problem either.

What is the duct tape on the back of the woofer in the
picture for...

Moving it around when i am finsished building it is going
to be the only problem.

Now that i know what drivers they use, the rest should
be easy.
Just curious...

Are you a machinist (with shop) yourself, or are you planning to have this done? The reason I wonder is that I anticipate needing some fabrication done on some transducer prototypes I've been working on. It would be cool to work with a machinist who is also an audio dude.

I'm an electrical engineer. (among other things)
I also have a vertical mill and a lathe in my
basement. Generally for plastics and woods, machining up
that much aluminum would make way to much of a mess.

I have friends in the machineshop at work, and a few of them
owe me favors. Still i will have to pay for the material which
i estimate at about $800 plus anodizing. website no longer exists.
Hello fellow Bill F.,

In my concept quiver I've got a compression driver, an extreme excursion sub-bass driver, and a new-topology dynamic driver, all super-duper top secret ;).

That is to say, are you in the mood to sign an NDA? If so, I'd be glad to share and hopefully get some feedback from you, too.

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