Krell KSA100 or DIY JLH 15W

I need help, right now I have a guest(old, old buddy) from out of country staying with us; and after a couple of bottles of wine catching up with the good old times(young nes) the subject turned to power amps and it got into a heated discussion. Since I am now in the process of building a pair of JLH 2002 version, my buddy scorn on the idea spending $2000cdn to build one can not compare to a used Krell KSA100 wth the same amount. Seems like he is a true believer of Krell. For myself I have never had any experience with Krell, but then he has never listen to the JLH.
So if any of you happen to know both the Krell KSA100 and the JLH class A 15W, please comment; I WOULD LOVE TO prove my buddy wrong of course and have the excuse to have another bottle of wine and continue to argue with him. Let him take home with the DIY is not such a rubbish idea. Or maybe he is right?

Being a Krell man myself i tend to agree with your friend.
The best part of a krell other than the sound is the build
quality. You can certainly build something yourself of the
same quality, but it is a massive amount of work to do
so. Especially all the thermal requirements for running the
output sections fairly hard into the class A region. Circuit
boards with matched impedance output conductors is
not an easy thing to do by hand.

Krell's best products are by far the power amps. The preamps
can be duplicated fairly easily, The speakers sound pretty
thin, the surround processors go obsolete every 6 months...
Audio jewelry to say the least.