Krell KAV-300CD Teac CMK-4 transport broken gear


2016-01-06 12:23 am
I am sure many are familiar with the broken laser sled gear "B" on the Teac CMK-4 transport. The gear was not properly designed for the load, and I imagine every player with this transport will experience this problem.

When the gear breaks, the CD drawer will no longer open, the laser itself cannot track a CD, and no music!

Now if it was a $100 no name unit, I might not care, but this was a $3500USD audiophile player and it's a boat anchor when this $2 part breaks.
I would expect the manufacturer to continue to provide this part to owners, but no such luck with Krell. They need to step up to the plate.
3rd party providers (at excessive charges) have also dried up for this part.

There must be many of us owners with a CMK-4 transport we'd like repaired. Perhaps we could crowd-source a new part?

Frustrated Krell owner.
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