Krell Home theatre Standard Problem


2007-05-09 2:51 am
I know this sounds stupid but last night I was replacing the powers supply caps for my Krell home theatre standard and was real sleepy and connected the top of power board connector in the wrong row and didn't notice it. The unit wouldn't come up correctly. I made volt measurements and the 12 line went to 7. I finally noticed the connector was out of alignment and corrected this. Now all volt measurements are correct +/- 15 ,12 ,5. The problem now is when you plug in power the power light comes on immediately it comes up with message iniatializing please wait then screen goes blank and unit wont respond to any commands. Does anyone with experience with krell know what I might could have screwed up? I did a quick search on web and there doesn't seem to be any schematics available for this. Any thoughts would be appreciated.