Krell FPB 300c amp problem

I have enjoyed this amp for 5 years now. I use it about 4 - 5 hours a month, very little usage. The amp turned itself off while it was playing 2 week ago. I turned the amp back on and noticed the right channel is no longer working. Each time I turn the amp from standby to full power there would be a brief hiss coming out from the right side of the speaker, other than that, no sound. I checked the 4 fuses they seemed ok. I checked the speaker binding posts +/- with the multitester, the right channel (bad channel) shows 0 ohm and the left channel (good channel) shows 4k ohm. I am not a technical person. I suspect the output devices went bad on the right channel. I wonder if anyone knows someone in the Los Angeles/Orange County/ San Diego area know how to repair this amp. Any help or info would be appreciated.