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Kove Armageddon 15" 1050rms

This Kove Armageddon subwoofer is in great working order, it sounds awesome, it is 1050 watts rms. I have put 1100 watts rms into, and it has performed well. When I used to have this fully powered in my Caddy it would shake you so much the signs on the road would appear to be moving and it could blow out a lighter at full volume 6 feet from the subwoofer when it was facing away from you in the car. the $250 enclosure was custom made by professionals to the specs provided by the company (I emailed them myself for proper specs). The enclosure is tuned to 32hz with a slot port for best airflow and excellent spl. The enclosure is also sealed very well, and has been rewired with monster cable. There are separate wire hook-ups for both voice-coils so you can wire it as you please. It is a dual 4-ohm. Which allows you to wire it as a 2 or 8 ohm sub. The frequency response is from 22hz to 800hz i'd recommend adjusting the crossover at 120hz for best deep bass which is common for most subs, and with this setting I have been able to easily hear 16hz. This is an excellent sub, but I need something smaller for my car, I would like some trunk space since this sub is 17" x 17" x 31" in size.
And i Forgot to add, some forums don't think much of this sub, but they are also comapring it to subs that cost $500-$800 just for the woofer itself. This subwoofer does sound great, i am and audiophile, and this thing beside being able to move your hair can hit music clearly, i listen to evrything from the beatles to ac/dc to bashunter and daft punk, and it sound good in all categorys. techno and rap expecially, if you ever buy this subwoofer listen to the song "tick tock - by banana inc". ever other subwoofer i own can't even hit thos ntoe without bottoming out, this thing hits them with passion, power, and rich sound. especially about 45 seconds into the song. if you have any questions about it ask, and if you want me to post a high quality video or soundtrack of this sub let me know.