Koss KS5192 digital amp--What a bargain!

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Just thought I'd let everyone know about an ongoing Ebay bargain--the Koss KS5192 all-in-one home theater receiver / speaker set.

There's a bunch of them up right now--many of which are incomplete or have problems (be wary!)--but at around $100 with speakers, the good units have to be the biggest sleeper deal going right now. I haven't been able to find them for sale anywhere else.

I'm listening to one right now, and it sounds very, very good!

I went hunting for information, but I really haven't been able to find much. Here are the factory specs. I've been unable to get any further technical information at all, even directly from Koss.

What initially caught my eye was the fact that the KS5192 uses TI Pure Path digital circuitry, the same as much-praised (and currently much more expensive) Panasonic SA-XR series (of which I have two.) Comparing the specs to the information on the TI website, I believe the amplifier chips are identical.

Just guessing, but I think that the high sound quality of the KS5192 might be due at least in part to the fact that, since this is an all-in-one unit with an integrated multi-format disk player, the digital information from the transport doesn't have to be conformed to S/PDIF or other transmission standard for interconnection.

The included 6.1 speakers are a bit of a funny story. They're the typical trendy miniscule enclosures, appearing to be two-way with a 3" woofer and metallic dome tweeter. Imagine my suprise when I opened one up and found their dirty little secret: no tweeters! The metallic domes are purely cosmetic. But that was a nice suprise in a way, because it meant the 3" drivers were fullrangers. I examined the drivers more closely and liked what I saw: huge, heavy shielded magnets and vented suspensions. They looked quite muscular for their size. One of these days, I'll give them a listen. And here's a mystery: there's a cap in series with each--marked 40uF! :xeye:

Anyway, I've been enjoying the sound of the player/receiver through my main speakers too much to get back to the included speakers yet. And I haven't even touched the video features of this unit yet. I may end up putting a series resistor on the fan, which is sometimes barely audible.

Anyone else out there enjoying one of these and/or with more info to share?
Its a **** product.


The KOSS_AV division no more exists & there is no support.
I have this piece with the Firmware got corrupted & I have no Clue how to reload it. Simply the Display panel says Waiting.

Try DENON's receivers. There is too much difference between the DENON sound & KOSS Sound. You may use Koss Speakers with Denon's receiver. Even then you will find a lot of improvement in the sound quality.

By the does any one knows how to Re-load the firmware in KOSS KS5192 ?
I have the Firmware in the CD.

By the way, the KOSS is ok for the Price / performance.

Thanks & Regards,
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