Kofi Annan in: "Flippin' the Full Range!"

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OK, so I have a friend with a problem: He's got a wife.

Sure, we could try and address this issue head through separation or divorce, but chances are she'd get the house and there ain't no room for speakers in the gutter.

So he's trying to get me to "work around" the wife (his words) and I guess its worth trying it his way. For now...

So the story goes he wants a full range design (TQWT / ML-TQWT / BLH) that will work in his house. The good news-- it doesn't need to be super big. A 4" to 6" driver would be just fine (Fostex preferred-- 103E / 108EZ / 126E / 127E). Now here's the good news' sulkier partner, the bad news:

These things can only go on top of his entertainment center, which is about 34" - 36" tall. That means that we will not achieve the "ear level" goal for the drivers unless they are on the bottom of the cabinet.

So with this in mind, I'm thinking that its possible I could flip a horn or TQWT upside down (as long as the bass port is in the back?) and sit the drivers at ear level. It would still have to be of reasonable size. I'm figuring larger than bookshelf is OK, but The Kleinhorn would be out of the question.

Does this sound reasonable or am I just going berserk? Does it sound reasonable and am I going berserk?

Anyway-- got some oil-for-food money left over for the right answer here. NO REASONABLE RESPONSE WILL BE TURNED AWAY! APPLY NOW!

If it's 34" tall that seems like a perfect canidate for a Fostex design horn. The drivers are always located toward what is normaly the top of the cabinet, just flip it. You will lose some loading of the horn from the floor, but it'll certainly still play music. Any design will work, some maybe better than others, only one way to find out;). I would say go for it, and if you can get the driver pretty close to the cabinet 34" is pretty good really.
Josephjcole said:
If it's 34" tall that seems like a perfect canidate for a Fostex design horn. The drivers are always located toward what is normaly the top of the cabinet, just flip it.

Cool. That's one for the "flip" concept!

robertG said:
How about a spiral horn mounted on the wall?

Oohh.. sounds cool. Please elaborate. You know, in a way the average dumbass can understand.

squalor said:
How about the Solo 103 ?

That's an idea, but I'm thinking a TQWT / ML-TQWT / BLH will be better in the bass department. Plus they look cool.

planet10 said:
Sure you can flip the speaker Kofi...

the Solo 103 is just so cute, someday i'm going to build something like that, maybe with a CSS WR125


That's two for "flip". Hey-- anyone have a favorite FE-167 design with the driver at the top? Which, you know, will wind up at the bottom in KofiLand!

Yours in Horn Flippin',
planet10 said:

Fold an ML-TL in half... that puts the driver at the top (or the flippin' bottom). Martin's FE164 pipe should be real close to what it needed as a starting point.


Yeah... OK... So uhhh... If I make Martin's 164 project and then I uhh... fold it in half... uhh.. saw.. saw in half the uhh...


On a related note...

In effort not to be a dumbass all my life like my Dad predicted, I'm reading Martin King's Transmission Line Theory Derivation paper if for no other reason than when people ask me what I'm reading I can say, "Martin King's Transmission Line Theory Derivation paper" rather than "The Best of Penthouse Letters". Although I really do need to finish that... "I never thought something like this would happen to me. I'm a student at big state university and I've always been a loser with the girls until..."

So, my brother is coming for a visit in a couple of weeks armed with a new Masters degree in Applied Mathematics from a big state university and a penchant for derivatives. He never thought anything like this would happen to him, but I have proposed that we use MK's MathCad worksheets to design a Transmission Line.

When he saw MK's paper he said, "You know, I've always been a loser with the girls, until I saw this paper on Derivation and Correlation of the Viscous Damping Coefficient. I think I can make this work..."

So the question is, can a UN Secretary General and Part-Time Alocoholic and his Smarter But-Not-As-Good-Looking Brother take a four hour break from guzzling lighter fluid from a kerosene drum on their respective vacations tackle the daunting task of making good sound come out of a hole?

"When I looked up from The 'Mathematical Model for an Expanding Fiber Damped Transmission Line' section, there she was. A Blonde, 6'4" Nordic Goddess just in from Oskarshamn, Sweden. She smiled and said, 'Hallo. My name is Hulda Johannannsohnjohn and I see you are reading Martin King's paper on Transmission Line Theory Derivation."

Any advice on the folding of Martin's ML-TL, my proposition of designing one with my brother or any way to get in contact with Hulda Johannannsohnjohn would be appreciated.

Kofi [last name withheld]
soongsc said:
I've been getting new letters from this site, www.DoubleYourDatingProducts.com
Wonder if they have worksheets that work the other half of the project. :D

Oboy oboy... Hulda Johannannsohnjohn here I come!

Well... I finished MK's tutorial on the MathCad worksheets today and I think I'll try and make a simple TL. Any other advice?

planet10 said:

Drawings here may be helpful...


Also somewhere is a link to Denson's math for doing ot perfectly....

mail me if you can't find it, i've got at least one copy on my drive(s)


The pretty pictures help quite a bit. Thanks as always. Looks like you're just extending the length of the line inside the cabinet, right?

I've been playing with Martin King's MathCad worksheets and I'm starting to make some sense of it all. I'm thinking I'll try and design a TL when my brother arrives next week. I'll liklely cop out on this, but who knows-- maybe I'll follow through.

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