Kodak DP900/Infocus LP425z


2007-02-04 1:15 pm
I got a infocus lp425z labeled in the Kodak DP900 name, I got the lamp bypassed and it powers on , though I did not put the resistor in it yet. But I did DIY a replacement lamp I used from a Halogen Lamp using a old PC power supply. the projection of the light works but I have no screen, the image is just a white box and I cannot see my menu options! The colorwheel seems to spin when I start the projector. Though I am no sure if it stopped spinng and I checked everything inside the projector and everything is working fine execpt the blank white screen. While I get sound from the video source I cannot seem to see anything on screen.

I'll submit pictures of the situation tonight if anyone needs them.

I searched all around the internet and I could'nt find anything to fix the problem. I've even found

You think I should put the resistor in? Or is this DLP projector busted?