KLS-9 modified finished

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here are my KLS-9..original design from Noel Kenwood.The woofer is changed for a" Beyma 8 Woofer P" a polypropilene cone whith very good properties.. www.beyma.com the tweeter is an AudaxTWO25AO,a silk dome 3/4 inch. www.audax.com.
How it sounds?.A very detailed trebble,good soundstage,and deep bass...better sound than my old Polk-Audio monitor reference rta-11t.


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The dimensions: 100 cm high (whith stands),38cm deep,25cm across front panel.
19mm mdf on sides and rear,plus sandwich of 19mm mdf and 7mm plywood on front.Whith this solution you don´t need a router.
Dayton audio caps,Mills non inductive resistors,Monacor air core inductors.
Next proyect: Pro-Ac Response 2.5 clones made in granite!!!!.
Beyma driver

Hi dinamic1,

What about the performance of the 8" driver from beyma, I think is the cheapest ( could be 17 euro?) from the studio series. I was planning to use the 6B30P or the 5MP60, but maybe this is a better approach for this manufacturer as the data sound ok.

I live in spain too, where do you get the caps, accessories and etc, what do you think about audioxcel?

I'm also thinking to build the 2.5, yesterday I listened to the 1.5 and were real nice moments, so I expect the 2.5 will be greater.
Hollo KM, I had the KLS9 and I realy loved it. It is a speaker you can listern to all day. I have always wanted to build the KLS 6 but I am a bit uncomfortable with the GAS TWEETER,and now the other drivers are no longer awailable. The other alternative is an upgraded tweeter for the KLS 3, can you assist in this direction? peterpan:idea:

the hd3p is one of the best sounding tweeters (imho)....

we have the drivers for kls6 (and others) in stock and we have a set of kls6 here , they do sound quite good indeed.

the kls3g is another option (same tweeter) , they have respectively hda cones (kls6) and carbon cones (kls3) but are somewhat similar.

we have tweaked the crossovers a bit (to my taste the original ones were a bit dull and remote but smooth) , we got them more open and live , but as im sure you know its a matter of personal taste and also what equipment you are using.

there should be several options for good tweeters if you dont want to use the hd3p , did you ever hear it?

rgds karsten madsen - www.cadaudio.dk
I built slightly modified KLS 11's about 5 years ago now and cooked one HD3P but fortunately was able to source two replacement HD3P's so I still have one spare. They still sound fabulous and definitely one of the best tweeters I've heard!
I've made several KLS 9's over the years and my daughters seven year old KLS 9's still sound great. The 8" aerogels are good mid range performers with very deep tight bass......it's a real shame these drivers are so hard to get nowdays.
Hi Phibes,
hang on to that hd3p it's like "gold".

Have you looked at the circuit feeding the hd3p?

4r in series with an air cored step up transformer into the capacitance of the piezo.

What if you took out all that preceeding circuit and drove the piezo direct from a high voltage amplifier?

What if that HV amp were a tube amp without the crippling output transformer hung on the end?

How much better once developed to sound nicer than nice.

Thread jacking again, sorry!
The designer was Noel Keywood, IIRC. Back in the day when Hi-Fi World offered kits.


Well behaved 8" polycone and 1" fabric tweeter. Some interesting port tuning options. I think a 6cm port, but anything between 4-12cms long. Middling at 6cm.

The crossover is the SEAS Njord / Monitor Audio R852 simplistic style. Not very exciting, TBH. :)


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