Klipsch plate amp.

Hi I'm new to diyAudio but was wondering if someone could help. I purchased a Klipsch 100 watt plate amp. with the idea of building a sub. The problem I'm having is I can't find the wires that go speaker. There is only a volume type wires with a volume type control with 3 wires a red a black and a purple. I know this sounds silly but how do I connect the woofer itself since there dosen't seem to be any speaker output wires that go to the woofer. I hope I'm making some sense if not I'm sorry. I was going to make a sub using this plate amp. Can anyone help.

Bill C


2010-04-25 1:37 pm
upload a pic to imageshack,then paste the link / img
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Klipsch plate amp


There are 3 wires coming of the amp a black,red and purple these go to a rotary control both ends are connected by a small square white plastic connector one end to the amp the other end to the rotary connector. I think that the black and white wires are the speaker output wires. I think I should disregard the purple one and the control as I think this is a connection for a Klipsch sub. These are the only wires coming off the amp. There is no markings for anything. I bought this on e-bay but I think I should have bought new were you get instructions. I had the idea of making a clone sub of a PSB subsonic 111. I think I should have thought things out more as this was my first build. No success with a picture. I have much to learn but thanks for the help it is much appreciated.

Bill C
After much looking on the board I found two male connectors that does say speakers and positive and negative. I just need to connect the wires to these and I'm good to go. So easy yet so hard at least for me. I learn something new all the time:D

Thanks everyone for all the help I never would have found this without your help.

Bill C