Klipsch horn speakers

- Hi , Anyone here who spends much time on the Klipsch Forums????

I am DESPERATE for some Help -- I have been on the Klipsch forum for long time but never posted ... just learning , but the other day I finally decided to post something - I thought it might be helpful .... since it was my first post a notice came up that it would need to be reviewed by a moderator before being posted ... sounds reasonable to me ... the topic was about modifying Klipsch speakers .... as is often the case - we all want the most we can get out of our systems. - So I posted what I thought was a couple of helpful ideas .... then went off to view another thread .. within a couple of minutes everywhere I went there each page said I was "Banned" from the forum -- I have no idea what I did and there is no way to get help there --- every page says ' BANNED " on it ... I even tried calling Klipsch's Help Line , but after they put me on hold for 15 minutes they said they had no idea why it had happened and they didn't know how to help me.
- I really need someone who goes there regularly to ask what I did and what i need to do to fix it - My name is the same there - hallcon83 , my name is Dean Halleck - - - - PLEASE Can someone help
me - ????????????????


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2008-10-18 11:31 am
Did you PM carlthess40? Is it resolved?

Interesting that your profile shows you as a member and recognises that you visited.


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Hi that's the problem there is "no" Klipsch page that I can get to ....

EVERY single Page anywhere on the website says -

- "BANNED" -
"you do not have permission to view this site"

-- Thanks all who are trying to help ... it's odd to be on this end of things -
I've never been an outlaw before -- It's not the life for me! - :)
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Hi Everyone - Thank you So Much for your help - you all gave me hope - :) - and I really appreciate you and this community.
I tried clearing my history, cache, and cookies but unfortunately that didn't work - their programs just a little to well written - LOL
Thankfully, Carl gave me the idea to download Firefox and try using that instead of google to at least stay up to date on the topics I was following- And That Worked! At least can stay up to date on the topics I was interested in! --
Then I received an Email this morning from Chad one of the Klipsch moderators that Carl had talked to and they fixed my - " BANNED " Label -
-------- I'm BACK !!!! -------- :yes: - :spin: - :cheers:

---- Very Happy --- T H A N K -- Y O U - !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!