Klark Teknik DN22 EQ


2016-05-30 10:33 am
Hi everyone, I'm a little new here but getting into repairing my own gear. Before I take this to a repairman i'd like to have a go at doing it myself and learn something in the process perhaps. I have a multimeter, soldering iron etc

It is a stereo unit . . . induction based However the right channel has clicks and pops at a very low level, it's sound like an old dusty badly taken care of record. The noise only appears when an xlr is plugged into the right hand side xlr output but it is always there no matter what switches I flick or what pots I move. However both channels volume (level) pots are very scratchy and make a lot noise when I move them.

Could the thing just need a really good clean? Can anyone point me in the right direction for troubleshooting it? I can supply photos and a schematic if that helps?