Kiwis (or Aussies), have you tried these?

I have a pair of polys 902.214 in the box for two years now. I would like to measure those yellow cakes. No reference to Le though on T/S.pdf or any information for it's output in frequency. Nice buy and good for testing. You can never go wrong. Next manufacturer close in parameters is a 10" Beyma for double that price but good documentation and better quality and Vas, being the same syze and type of cone. More powerfull for this brand though and to prove it the vented coil in the back. If you buy the 6.5" (fs=50Hz) then is a good main speaker (or mid) or whatever, but be cautioned with the hard kevlar cone.
Here's the WinISD plot for the 6.5" unit.

20l box tuned to 40hz.


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