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    performed by someone who is thoroughly familiar with
    the safety precautions around high voltages.

Kiwame resistors

It looks to me like "Kiwame" resistors are really just KOA SPR2 and SPR5 carbon film resistors.

I got some 8.2k KOA SPR2 resistors in Japan for 4 cents each. I just compared them to 8.2k 2W Kiwame resitors.

I cannot find any differences between them.

Both have non-magnetic leads and end caps, which look by eye to be the same material. Both appear identical externally, and also inside the green coating (which I scraped away with a knife).

I measured 20 pcs. of the KOA resistors and all were within 0.25% of nominal - most within 0.1%. These are specified as 5% resistors.

I believe that they are the same thing, and "Triode Co." in Japan is just selling the KOA's at a premium price.

The KOA SPR series is not very common, but Mouser in the US carries a limited selection of the 2 watt parts.

/runs to go buy a fudgeload of resistors of various types

am I the only one that thinks someone could easily buy the KOA and pass them off as Kiwame, with significant profits? And that its possible someone is already doing it? Don't worry, you won't find me selling them on ebay. I'm too lazy for that.

however, if I can get significant savings doing it this way, no harm done, right? $0.16 versus $2 is worth it to me. I'll get some of the Kiwames just for comparison to hear for myself, but if it;s true, or close enough, then I'm one very happy dude.

...can anyone find cheaper Caddock and/or Rikens? Maybe some cheap Blackgates, Jensens, or any of the other good caps?

I'd not be too surprised if this sort of thing happens often...