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Kit MM Tube Phono Stage

I am selling a KIT for MM Phono Preamplifier with PCF802 tubes. Is a very simple tube phono stage with amazing sound. Very appreciated by all users.

PCB+socket pair+ PCF802 NOS tubes - 50 Euro+shipping. I can send in Europe only.

With the KIT I will send also the details to make it work.



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No, I certainly am not. To my knowledge I was told it is Vlad1980. I’ve only spent less than an hour as mine arrived yesterday and I‘ve had little time -but- to my ears the piano (and imho therefore all other instruments/vocals), is ‘right’ and is clearly presented (no, less ‘smearing’ -?-), whilst staying unobtrusive to all else. Sorry if I’m not expressing myself well. I have a new arm and cartridge breaking in but obviously I wouldn’t notice or appreciate these clues unless the phono pre wasn’t doing such a stupendous job, or something like that!

New complete kit for STEREO tube phono MM preamp with PSU.

Price for the complete kit is 125 Euro+20 Euro shipping to EU. I am sending to EU only.

The kit includes:

- pair NOS PCF802 tubes military grade
- phono PCB with very good quality components (WIMA MKP, Nichicon for audio).
- PSU for anodic with MOSfet and heaters
- new toroidal power transformer

For more details, please send me PM.