Kimber Crossovers??

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day about different kinds of crossovers and he swears up and down that the best crossover design he has every seen or heard is a design by Kimber. but that to even be allowed to use this design you have to pay $550 for the rights to the patents. He said that some high end speaker designers are using this design but that they pay a larger amount of money and they have to register each time they use it. This is supposed to be a very strange design, but he claims it is the most phase linear design that is out there. Has anyone else ever heard of a "Kimber Crossover?" or do you know more about it.
Eargasm said:
crossovers... is a design by Kimber

The infamous DiAural XO. I have a page on these to get you started. It is a variant of a series XO. With the right drivers it could work just fine. The only thing unique about it (ie that gets them their patent) is the power robbing resistor across the woofer.

They sure give out a lot of detailed information.

Once again, the emperor has no clothes.

The JAES used to run patent reviews by a guy named George Ausperger. He would have ripped these guys apart. My favorite one was where he showed a patent for a speaker in a polystyrene box. What set it apart, as he put it, was the ".......use of a 1/4" phone jack to connect to it........."

P. T. Barnum was right.