Kicker ZX700.5

I noticed C239 vented in this amp..

When hooked up all it does it make the speaker flutter out of all channels?

Does this indicate there is another problem somewhere ?

Wondering what might cause this to vent


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Ok back to this amp..

On amp 1 inputs from rca ground shield to negative speaker terminal I get 0.2 ohms ..

On amp 2 and also the sub input from rca shield ground to negative speaker terminal I get no reading meter stays at OL..

Should I get a reading on all of the RCA shield grounds to negative speaker terminal?

Reason I ask is because both channels (amp2) have a high pitch squealing on the outputs. The sub channel plays but sounds like you are in a wind tunnel also ..
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Amp 1 must have an input to properly work. Your readings are normal.This is the reason you have a squeal and poor quality on sub channel.

If you aren't getting good audio from all channels, you may have bad RCA'S. You can check this with an ohmmeter. With out signal applied test the contacts from the back side of all RCA'S. They should all be a dead short.