Kicker ZX1500.1

Got one of these amps from a friend of mine ..

Amp has a red board and marked it was made in 2008 .

He said that the problem With the amp is when listing to it the output will decrease to almost nothing ..

He stated that sometimes the amp will do this right away and other times it takes a few mins for the amp to act up ..

He said once the output decreases to almost nothing the amp will remain to have low output until it sits for a couple hours ..

I hooked it up on the bench to a 2 ohm load and ran the amp hard but could not get the amp to decrease in n output it ran perfectly fine for 35 mins ..

Anyone have any ideas on this ?
If the amp tested good at two ohms for 35 minutes, it's probably not the amp. At l least, I'm not aware of this type of failure with this amp.

Did the amp's protection LED Light up and was it solid red, flashing or flickering? Was the name badge/emblem lit up?

Does this system have any other amplifiers or just a head unit?

Where all other speakers playing normally? If the rest of the system was playing normally, there may be an issue with the sub channel output from head unit or the RCA cable is faulty.

Any other details about the install could be helpful, such as make and model of vehicle, other components including head unit, charging system, cables etc