Kicker zx1000.1 no sound¡

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i have a repaired kicker zx1000.1, i was pushing a kicker l7 15" when it burn, now is repaired but not have sound. the amp had the PS burned, i change the irf3205's, the 2 tip41c, one tip42c, all the SMD resistors of the irf's, i replace the drivers 2sd667 with 2sd400 and the 2sb647 with 2sa965,

The amp turn on, have the green light and the relay click sound, the sink dont put hot.
When i was repearing the amp, the amp had the red light, dont click sound i burned the new irfs, when i change the tip's and two diodes of the tips and the drivers, i solve the problem and amp turn on but dont have output.
Yes, the irf's has these values: (front view)
first leg: 4.44v
second leg: 12.2v
third leg: ground

but in the tip's the values are wrong
in the first tip41c i can't measure the values, only the third leg, it has -13.96v
the second tip41c has 12.6v in the first leg, dont have measure in the second and 11.97v in the third leg. the tip42c has 11.7v in the first leg, 11.97v in the second and 0.12v int he third leg. i also change the c120ph diodes, near to the tip's.

I am confused with the order, is tip41c-tip41c-tip42c? i dont write the order and i dont remember. other doubt, in the electronic shop, they sold me tip41a, i put these in the amp, they said me it is the same as tip41c, is correct? or here is the problem?

other doubt, the u1d smd diodes near to the inductor, i need to replace? that values should be?
The values are the same, only change the first tip41a in the third leg measure -3.86v, the relay engage and disengage when turn on and of my sistem, its ok.

But i noticed something, in this test i dont use the sink, only the circuit table and the protection/power leds. and the irfs dont heated, only the tips are little warm i think is normal, but the irfs when i touch some of irfs i receive a little discharge, and by accident i touch the two mospec f30d40d on the other side of the PS and i receive a big discharge¡¡ i think everything is working but a nonsense thing is wrong.

what else i have to check?
When you measured the DC voltage on leg 1 of the power supply FETs, did ALL of them have ~4.4v?

The voltage on the center legs of the first two TIP transistors should be about -24v and +24. The voltage on the center leg of the third TIP transistor should be 15v.

Black probe on negative speaker terminal for all of the TIP transistor voltages.
i check the values, in the first and second tip, the center leg i have -13 and 14v but it isn't constant, i use digital multimeter.
and in the third tip the center leg has 12v.

but i noticed one thing, the 5th irf3205 has 4.4v inthe first leg and drop down to 0.01v, i think here is the problem, i check that and i notice what happen.
There are 4 surface mount diodes near one of the power transformers. Are they missing in your amp?

If not, what is the DC voltage on the terminals indicated by the arrows in the photo?


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the -22 and 22 volts on the diodes drives direct to the middle leg of the tips, but here is a problem, in the first tip i have -22v in the first leg but in the second tip i have only 12v, i check the values of the resistors(near the tips and around the caps) and its ok but i replace them. but the 22v not available only 12, i will to change again the diodes and the resistors, do you think here is the problem?? one side of the resistors has the -22 and 22v, but on the other side only one has the -22v and the other only12v.
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