Kicker zx1000.1 burnt resistor

Just started this kicker zx1000.1 which has a date stamp of 2/17/2008.

Q106 and Q108 (IRF264N) are shorted Drain and source.

R62 looks burnt.

R70 completely unrecognizable. I'm guessing it's a jumper? Which diagram I should be referencing for this one if there is one i might be missing it.


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R70-0 ohm resistor is a fuseable link between speaker and power ground to prevent damage to the ground trace and board.

It's not uncommon for two or three of the outputs IRF264N short. Replacing all four outputs and R70 should be the fix.

R62-10k ohm as Perry said is a pulldown resistor for the mosfet drivers Q24-2SD667 and Q25-2SB647. Check all four drivers including Q26-2SB647 and Q27-2SD667. Replace R62,R63 and drivers if necessary.