Kicker 40KX8005 help

i just received a kx800.5 i found it had shorted q10-q12 aot460's. i replaced them but if you add power to the board, it still does not power up correctly. So i could use some help learning this board.


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Q10-12 are the power supply switchers for the full range output IC's.

What do you mean by "it still does not power up correctly"?

What is the Power and Protection light status? Plug in the two LED's that light the diffuser, otherwise w/o them may cause a false protection.

The U100 and U200 TDA8925 will need to be carefully monitored for heat. If you have something that can be placed on top of the chip, such as a block of aluminium or the copper slugs from the chassis. If your not careful you will burn up the IC's. Perry Babin or someone else may have a good solution for this. I will snap a photo of a board I'm working on tomorrow.
i have all of those supply's to build a small heat spreader for the chips to keep them.from burning up.

Ok so with the power supply aot460's all in a good standing. And the the led plugged in the amp will not power up. it draws about 2.4amps and the voltage is pulled down to 3v from (12.85vdc) setting on my supply. Something is short. The protection led is just off.