Kick bin for 4-way using SyntripP tops and Keystone subs.

We are currently running (1) of Art Welter's SyntripP tops pared with (1) Keysone sub using an 18" B&C SW115, per side of our dance stack. We are working towards (2) Keystones per side, though that's a few months out. My question is this: we happen to have (4) JBL 2226H drivers on hand, and are wondering about a good design for a front loaded horn kick bin similar to the Function one DS15. We are playing around with some ideas on Hornresp, but are admittedly total amateurs on that software.

The goal of the Kick bin to help get more punch in the ~90hz to ~200hz range. Can anyone help with some basic Hornresp? I understand that these may not be the ideal drivers, but we just happen to have them sitting around and it would be great to put them to use.

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Cameron and Kris,
You might want to consider Cubo Kick 15: Cubo Kick It's a pretty solid plan that works with the JBL 2226H (as that is actually a pretty good kick driver) and covers your intended bandwidth well.

A basic guide to Hornresp can be found here: Guide to WinISD Pro and Hornresp - Forums - Page 1 Since then Hornresp has been altered and updated a gaziljon times but the mere basics stand.

To give you some pointers, typical for a straight front loaded kick horn, with a closed rear chamber, is that the 1/4 wavelength resonance equals the lowest reproduced frequency. In this case 90 Hz means 343 / 90 / 4 is 95 cm deep, from the horn throat to the mouth. Compression ratio about 2, horn mouth as large as physically tolerable or whatever Hornresp says, start with a single PAR segment. Oh, and don't forget to simulate the on axis directivity for a single segment horn.

Thanks for that link to the Hornresp kickstart guide, some of the other guides we looked at were hard to follow, or had broken picture links (a big middle finger up to Photobucket).We had taken a look at the Cubo kick before, but wanted to get an idea of the 2226H before we considered them.

And in another piece of good news, we just decided to purchase 2 more B&C 18" sw115. So we should be running a total of 4 of Art's Keystones here soon, yikes!
There are many well known kickbin plans available for 15", like HD15 (bandpass horn). However for sound quality and accuracy, normal horns are the best. Martin 115 as example, four of these will kick like a mule! But they are quite large.

There is also one option, modified (better bracing, maybe some added reflectors for better upper-midrange) klipsch la-scala bass horn. Very good for mid/kick bass. Peavey FH-1 is similar horn, but it was just horrible with original black widow driver.

Cubo kick might do the job but it looks too weird (short horn + reflex hybrid), might have some phasing issues and is not so easy to integrate. Who knows.
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We are currently running (1) of Art Welter's SyntripP tops pared with (1) Keysone sub using an 18" B&C SW115, per side of our dance stack.

What is your overall opinion of the KS and SyntripP combo? Do they mesh well around the passband, or as you suggest - lack some punch in the 90-200 range (typical crossover region for KS sub).

I'm interested in building some SyntripP's but wondering if you built to spec with identical drivers or different ones.