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KG headphone amp, one channel...

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I made it a few months ago. I botched it's brother. I thought I might repair it or make another, but I haven't started gathering the parts for it. I don't even have headphones. I figured soomebody here might take this one off my hands.


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The top has an image too. Don't be fooled by the positions marked "A out" and "B out". The foil side doesn't have the pads for those, it is the original art released by Mr. Gilmore. I altered the top graphic to accomodate these after etching the first pair. The "A in" and "B in" points are the pads of resistors that would be omitted for bridged operation.

Note (almost an afterthought): this is not tinned, it's cold silver plated. I obtained a sample of cool-amp silvering powder.


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I think I already threw away the twin. If I still have it, it has messed up pads under one of the dual-jfet packages. Post to Toronto? I think that's sixty cents, maybe eighty. How much for them? Well, I'd be happy to know that they're being used. I took on a project that was shifted to very low priority, and I'm only into it for maybe four dollars in materials (just the boards so far). If you like, I might be able to justify making one more to go with that one.
Hi (I don't know your name :rolleyes: ),

Shame you threw out the twin, if it's just a few pads you could have used some wire extensions or similar.

I would surely put the boards to good use. I had thought of hard wiring it, but it's so much faster and easier to use a board. I've already collected most of the parts. If you could see your way to making another board, tell me what you want for it/them. The project is stalled because I'm trying to avoid hardwiring or making my own boards, and I don't have any cash now to by antness' boards :(

Looks like I can easily work with that ;)

My address is:

Ron Steinberg
516 Arlington Ave.
Toronto, ON
M6C 3A5

Please let me know if I can give you anything for them, and know that they will be put to very good use :)

Thanks again, you are a real gentleman, rare to meet these days!

This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.