Kenwood W300S - magnet too small, affects?

The imbatable price of the Kenwood KFC-W300S (about 40euro/piece, distributors price) attracted my attention.

But when i compared Thielle/small and other parameters with a superior model (KFC-W3009 "typhoon shaped") i found something odd:

Ferrite magnet: 500gr
Magnet diameter: 110mm
Voice coil inductance: 0.2 (/H)

Strontium ferrite magnet: 1800gr
Magnet diameter: 145mm
Voice coil inductance: 1.62 (/H)

All T/S parameters can be found here:
Details about speaker here:

Further comparing I found the parameters a little strange.
How the magnet affects parameters and audio reproduction?
Should I buy this speaker for 40euro? The superior model W3009 costs 25euro more (65 euro). How the difference be audible? The question is for who can interpret the parameters given or who owns this speakers or thinks that can help me choose.

Thank you!
The true sound of the woofer wont be known til its bought,each woofer has its own sonic signature - Distortion rises quickly and reaches easily audible levels

Magnet size bears no resemblance to the magnetic control(Qes)

Q factor.
Qts = Q total system

Q = 0.1 Efficient but lack of bass(overdamped)

Q = 0.7 Less efficient, good compromise

Q = 1.0 Less efficient, 3dB peak(slightly underdamped)

Q = 2.0 + Non musical peaky

This woofer is free air use only,it will sound boomy and peaky on sealed/ported enclosures.

For more usable parameters see Qts ~ 0.2 - 0.5